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Everyone makes art. As children, we are unabashedly free to express ourselves using whatever materials we have available, even if it’s just a stick in the dirt. No one expects us to create “fine art” and therefore we are completely uninhibited in our endeavors. But somewhere along the way we encounter Judgment, and if our efforts don’t quite measure up, we abandon our natural desire to create.

ArtisticAura endeavors to reawaken your Inner Artist and encourage that child to come out and play, exploring art materials and techniques to assist you in reclaiming your creative expression. Laura Marek is committed to guiding you step-by-step at your own pace. No judgments. No expectations.

So what are you waiting for? Express Yourself!

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Reawaken your Inner Artist!

Art for the Soul

For teens and adults. The creation of art helps people get in touch with thoughts and feelings that are often hidden from the conscious mind. It is often easier to express yourself through a visual medium, instead of speaking out loud. Participants will explore art as meditation through a series of projects that encourage creative expression, improve drawing and painting skills and explore other media and methods in a fun, non-threatening atmosphere.

Creativity Club

For children age 6 to 12. It is at this stage of Life that children encounter Judgment, and if there is no one to encourage them to continue expressing themselves through art it is at this stage that they stop. Creativity Club provides the materials, tools, guidance and encouragement to keep on making art no matter how "talented" they are. It's the enjoyment of making art that matters most!

Make Art with Me

For all ages. When creative expression is encouraged in the home, children are more likely to continue doing art. Make Art with Me provides the materials, tools and guidance to enable families to experience making art together. Parents and teenagers, toddlers and grandparents - everyone is invited to Make Art with Me!

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