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Presented by a certified art teacher, ArtisticAura's Soul Expression courses are designed to assist you in healing the wounds of the past by reclaiming your creative expression. Whether or not you consider yourself an “artist”, the creation of art can help you get in touch with thoughts and feelings that are hidden from the conscious mind. It is often easier to express yourself through a visual medium instead of speaking out loud. Here, you will explore art as healing through a series of projects that encourage creative expression.

Unlike art for art's sake, which focuses on the finished piece, this course focuses on the process of creation itself. The activity is undertaken primarily for its healing benefits rather than for the creative end result. The act of making a piece of visual art triggers internal activity that contributes to physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

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Express Yourself!


Reflections: an introduction to Soul Expression is a free introduction to Soul Expression in which you will explore what creative expression means to you. You will also be introduced to art as a tool for meditation, learn the importance of keeping your work in good condition and in a safe place, and then create a Soul Expression Diary that you will use throughout your journey of self-expression.

Reawaken Your Inner Artist

In Soul Expression I: Reawaken Your Inner Artist you will continue your journey of self-expression, exploring a variety of art materials and techniques - from simple drawings to multi-media constructions - all designed to assist you in discovering more about yourself than you ever thought possible.

Stay Woke!

In Soul Expression II: Stay Woke! you will explore more art activities designed to assist you in expressing yourself visually, helping you get to know yourself and how you really feel so that you can define what you want and learn positive methods of how to get it.

Own Your Dream!

Soul Expression III: Own Your Dream! will encourage you to make your journey of self-expression a life-long practice of creative exploration.

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