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ArtisticAura is an interactive art experience based in Page, Arizona, on the edge of the Navajo Nation. ArtisticAura's goal is to provide free art supplies and guided art experiences in an all-inclusive, non-threatening atmosphere to anyone who wants to enrich their lives through creativity, regardless of perceived "talent" or ability to pay.

...bringing the enjoyment of creating art to everyone, everywhere!

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How the website promotes ArtisticAura's goals:

1. As an online presence for the ArtMobile Traveling Art Studio

ArtisticAura's philosophy: Everyone makes art. As children, we are unabashedly free to express ourselves using whatever materials we have available, even if it’s just a stick in the dirt. No one expects us to create “fine art” and therefore we are completely uninhibited in our endeavors. But somewhere along the way we encounter Judgment, and if our efforts don’t quite measure up, we abandon our natural desire to create.

ArtisticAura endeavors to reawaken the Inner Artist and encourage that child to come out and play, exploring art materials and techniques to assist in reclaiming creative expression. Laura Marek is committed to guiding participants step-by-step at their own pace. No judgments. No expectations.

2. As a gateway to the ArtisticAura Online Art School

Presented by a certified art teacher, ArtisticAura's Soul Expression is designed to assist participants in healing the wounds of the past by reclaiming creative expression. Whether or not you consider yourself an “artist”, the creation of art can help anyone get in touch with thoughts and feelings that are hidden from the conscious mind. It is often easier to express yourself through a visual medium instead of speaking out loud. Participants explore art as healing through a series of projects that encourage creative expression.

Unlike art for art's sake, which focuses on the finished piece, this course focuses on the process of creation itself. The activity is undertaken primarily for its healing benefits rather than for the creative end result. The act of making a piece of visual art triggers internal activity that contributes to physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

3. Maintaining an Online Gallery

At ArtisticAura, process is valued over product. What an individual learns about him- or herself, how they express themselves, is far more important than the perceived quality of the outcome. It doesn't matter if you're "talented". Your personal enjoyment of the act of creating is the only measure of worth ArtisticAura seeks to instill.

It is also important that participants are allowed the opportunity to display the products of their creative expression in a meaningful venue. Participants of our Traveling Art Studio and Online Art School are invited to "hang" their artwork on the walls of ArtisticAura's Online Gallery, encouraging a self-appreciation of their ability to express themselves creatively.

4. Raising Funds

Visitors to the website can make a direct contribution in support of ArtisticAura via PayPal and/or purchase art supplies, original artwork, framed prints, and products such as t-shirts and mugs.

Participants are also invited to pay it forward by allowing us to post their work in our ArtPal and CafePress galleries, where reproductions of their art will raise funds to help Artistic Aura continue bringing the enjoyment of creating art to everyone, everywhere.

100% of commissions earned through all sources (ArtPal, CafePress, Blick Art Materials) will support ArtisticAura's goal of providing free art supplies and guided art experiences in an all-inclusive, non-threatening atmosphere to anyone who wants to enrich their lives through creativity, regardless of perceived "talent" or ability to pay.

About Laura Lynne Marek

Laura Lynne Marek is an art educator with many years of experience facilitating people of all ages in their journeys to express themselves visually, demonstrating how to use the tools and techniques of making art so they can release their creativity, regardless of their perceived level of talent. She believes that creative expression is very personal and needs only to benefit the creator - if Someone Else likes the outcome, so much the better - but it's the process of creating art that is of the utmost importance.

The idea for ArtisticAura and the ArtMobile was conceived while Laura was a student pursuing her Art Education degree 20 years ago. She saw that there are many remote communities in northern Arizona - small towns scattered over great distances throughout the entire area - and that many of the residents cannot afford art lessons and art materials even if they were locally available. So she thought, What if there was a way to bring art to people in need the same way that books are brought to those who cannot come to the library? a book mobile, but for sharing art!

Laura earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education at Northern Arizona University. She held a Secondary Education Teaching Certificate endorsed in K-12 Art and taught kindergarten through fifth grade students at Lakeview Elementary School from August of 2004 until May, 2012. Laura has also worked with developmentally disabled adults to encourage their artistic abilities and facilitated art therapy classes for women and children recovering from domestic violence. She has two adult sons and a grandson, and lives with her husband in Page, Arizona.

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